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Back To School Party

Back To School Party


Studio 5 - party 1a

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We welcome the wonderful blogger, Amy of Pink Parlor Designs!

Amy is one of the craftiest girls I know, she is creative and always looking for fun and beautiful ways to celebrate life.

Recently she threw a back to school party for our neighborhood and it was so much fun for the kids, and every detail was well thought out.

When the summer is ending and school is starting up, most kids can start to feel anxious about a new class- or not too excited about being back the routine of waking up early, homework, etc. Amy had the great idea of throwing a fun back to school party for the kids to help them be excited about the new year!

Some of her ideas were using streamers for the kids to run through, seeing who could balance apples on their heads the longest, and of course snacks! Kids love to eat! She decorated the table with globes, books, pencils and so many cute finds the kids were thrilled.

Thank you Amy for sharing your ideas with us today! And make sure you visit Pink Parlor Designs for more fabulous fun projects!

studio 5 - party 8c

studio 5 - party 8a

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