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Back to School Activity- The Kissing Hand

Back to School Activity- The Kissing Hand


This first few weeks of school is so exciting. The kids in their fresh t-shirts and clean sneakers running around with new friends. The back to school aisle of the stores makes you nostalgic just remembering the new beginnings a new box of crayons brought. There is nothing like a new year! So many possibilities. Along with all the excitement, your child may actually also feel a little scared. It’s a new experience for many of them, especially the youngest and as parent we want to help them cope and feel as comfortable as we can while they are away.

The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn has been one of my favorite stories for years. When I was teaching 1st grade we used to read this book to the kids on the first day of school as a teacher, and now as my little boy headed to Kindergarten I loved reading it to him as a Mom.  It’s a tender story, with gorgeous pictures, and a must read and back to school activity for parents and children as they make that tricky but wonderful adjustment to a new school year.





I can’t imagine a better way to spend an August afternoon with my kids then doing a fun back to school activity to get them ready to begin school.



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