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Authors Purpose Activity- Easy as Pie

Authors Purpose Activity- Easy as Pie

Authors Purpose Activity- Easy as Pie

I love using acronyms to help my students remember things- they are so neat and easy to teach and to learn!  Math acronyms are pretty common but sometimes I struggle to find ones that fit the literary techniques that I have to teach.  It was a complete score when I found this online HERE and I thought it was a great way to help students remember what their purpose is as a writer.  It’s also great for students think about why an author of a book they are reading wrote the book. Its pretty self explanatory- go ahead and read the picture! What a fun way for students to remember to Persuade, Inform & Entertain in their writing.


Want a fun Authors Purpose activity to help your learners practice determining the purpose of a text?  Write a bunch of simple one sentence or several sentence stories that purposely are intended to entertain, inform, or persuade your students.  It may not seem fum to write these but I enjoy using my students names in the stories and making them funny!  Put your class into small groups or partnerships and have then read the stories together and categorize then according to their purpose.  The kids will love this and will not even realize they are practicing P.I.E.!


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