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Adolescent Learning Styles

Adolescent Learning Styles

“Adolescence is not a problem, its an opportunity.”

We highly encourage you to watch the above you tube video! It has some powerful insights about the adolescent learning styles and their perspective is phenomenal. We think that parents often feel overwhelmed when their sweet children start getting into adolescence and they rebel, or do things differently than their parents wish the would. This video has some wonderful information on adolescent learning styles. Sadly school has become less about a passion to learn, and now the only focus seems to be getting good grades. Even as children they love to play with stuff to learn, then as they grow into adolescence we tell them to stop touching anything and just sit.  This video shows some amazing views of the brain development starting with babies, and how their brain’s intelligence is ignited. We learn by different perspectives and making connections, and children do this to learn when they are little, why not do this when they are older too? Then we get into adolescence, and we struggle to understand the adolescent learning styles as they have developed. Evolution showed us generations who have found new ways to handle problems their parents faced by building new ways of thinking, feeling and learning. This video helps us realize how exhilarating it is to have these well adjusted teens. Lets not go against the way we are wired to live.  They close by a genius statement, adolescence is not a problem, its an opportunity.


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