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Terry C. of Orem, UT

“My grandson, Bridger, was in a horrific accident two years ago. He was severely hurt and we were told he may never walk again. He missed the majority of his seventh grade school year and due to all the pain medications he was on, the eighth grade was just a fog to him. With hating school and failing every class his eight grade year, we new we had to get him help. We contacted Academic Advancement and scheduled a tutor for him the summer between eighth and ninth grade. The one on one tutoring was great for him. The tutor comes to our home, which is very comfortable for Bridger. He was able to work with someone who had their sole attention on him.

There was a time, he would shut down and give up when it came to school work because he was so far behind. But the tutor had a lot of patience and was able to get him interested again. Once his ninth grade year started he was caught up enough that he felt a little better about school again. Becky his tutor stays in contact with his teachers, she knows where he is at on all his subjects. Together they set a goal for Bridger to get straight A’s. I am proud to say for his first semester he only missed that goal by (1) B+, the rest were all A’s and A-’s and he is currently on track for straight A’s for the next semester. These grades don’t come easy for Bridger, he really has to study and work hard for them, but he now enjoys doing it. We recently went to his parent/teacher night and all his teachers praised him. His teachers recently awarded him the “Most improved student of the year.” His teachers now say that Bridger helps other students in the class. In fact, the school principal told us he has never seen someone improve and come around the way Bridger has. He now loves school and his confidence has gone through the roof. We are very appreciative of Academic Advancement In-Home Tutoring. This has been a life changing experience for us and consider it money well spent, and would recommend it to everyone.”

~ Terry C. of Orem, UT

January 28, 2014