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3D Rock Cycle Activity

3D Rock Cycle Activity

3D Rock Cycle Activity

Hello! I am back with another fun idea to put in a learning notebook. This time, it’s way to take notes during a science unit. Like I have said before, when students are making notebooks, it’s like taking interactive notes. They learn more, they are more attentive and engaged and when they go back to refer to their notebooks, the concepts jump out easily and are better understood than just words on a page.  I do recommend not allowing your student(s) to create these 3D notes on their own.  You’ll find more success the learner does this step by step with an adult.
When I was teaching 4th graders, I taught the Rock Cycle by having the student glue the left side of a square sheet of paper into a notebook, it was folded in 4ths, and one fold was cut so it the rock cycle could pop up into a 3D formation teaching the students the Rock Cycle.  I love any way to make taking notes and learning things like cycles just a little bit more fun!
Check out the pictures below for a closer look and try out our 3D rock cycle activity!

3d1 3d2 3d3 3d4 3d5 3d6 3d7

Need a refresher of what the rock cycle is?  Check out this site full of great info!


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